2008 Lecture Symposium

CREATE-IGERT Distinguished Lecture and Symposium

Session 1: Biofuels & Biorefineries

“Characterizing Glycosyl Transferases to Improve Cellulosic Conversion to Biofuels” – Dawn Chiniquy

“HPL Derived Metabolites as a Vehicle for Production of Superior Stress Tolerant Plants” – Elenor Castillo

“Transient In Planta Expression of Cellulose Degrading Enzymes: Plant Tissues as Bioreactors” – Ben Lindenmuth

Session 2: Environmental Sustainability & International Impacts

“Sharing Technologies That Benefit the Environment or Human Health With Growers in the Developing World” – Jos van Boxtel

“Manipulation of Phytochrome-Mediated Signaling in Transgenic Plants” – Timothy Butterfield

“How Can Agricultural Biotechnology Foster Green Revolution in Africa?” – Prof. C. S. Prakash

Session 3: Plant-Made Products

“Effect of Antimicrobial Synthetic Peptide D4E1 on Infestation of Cotton Seedling Disease and on Soil Microbial Diversity” – LaKisha Odom

“A Kinetic Model of T-Strand Transfer During Agroinfiltration” – Chris Simmons

“Restoring Epithelial Integrity With Plant-Based Therapeutics” – Tiffany Glavan

“An Immunoadhesin Therapy for Inhalation Anthrax” – Keith Wycoff

Distinguished Lecture

“Cellulosic Biofuels” – Chris Somerville

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