NSF CREATE-IGERT attendees at the 20th Annual Biotechnology Retreat held in Napa, California on April 2, 2011

CREATE-IGERT attendees in Napa

Front Row (L→R): L. Arzola, J. M. Elmore, H. Gillespie, K. McDonald, D. Jamison-McClung, C. J. T Zeng, M. Bjornson
Back Row (L→R): P. O’Dell, G. Benn, C. Simmons, S. Zicari, B. Lindenmuth

Tuskegee CREATE-IGERT trainees visited UC Davis in January 2011 to take part in the Annual Symposium & hear the Distinguished Lecture by NIFA Director, Dr. Roger Beachy

Tuskeegee trainees at UC Davis

(L→R) R. Shange, L. Odom, K. McDonald, T. Yilma, D. Gales and J. Kjelstrom

Tuskegee and UC Davis trainees toured the CREATE-IGERT plant biotechnology and biomanufacturing lab facilities in January 2011.

Tuskeegee trainees at UC Davis

(L→R) H. Gillespie, C. J. T. Zeng, J. M. Elmore, K. Wycoff, P. Wu, R. Kerwin, S. Samuels, P. O’Dell, S. Miller, S. Zicari, D. Gales, R. Shange, Prof. R. Ankumah, Prof. K. McDonald and L. Odom.

Dr. Larry Joh, NSF CREATE-IGERT Program Engineer, leads the tour through his domain – January 2011

Dr. Larry Joh

Graduates of Larry’s grueling 24-7 Plant Transformation Summer Course…ready to hit the town and celebrate their emergence from the crucible – July 2009

(L→R) N. Rattanaporn, Prof. J. VanderGheynst, C. Simmons, D. Chiniquy, R. Kerwin, B. Lindenmuth, L. Odom, T. Butterfield, E. Castillo, L. Arzola, Dr. L. Joh, and Prof. K. McDonald

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